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Where to find us:


Prince Puckler's Ice Cream Shop

19th & Agate St.

Our own retail store is located on the corner of 19th and Agate St. in Southeast Eugene. If you are visiting the University of Oregon we are located just south of Matthew Knight Arena and around the corner from Hayward Field


Mike's Ice Cream

504 Oak Street, Hood River

Open April 1st - October 31st

Mike's has been serving Prince Puckler's for over 36 years in a delightful little store on Hood River's main shopping street.  Sit, enjoy the view and shop when you're done.  Fresh fruit shakes are their specialty. 
Open 1-9. (Weather Permitted)


25 N 1st Street, Creswell

A small Oregon-based fudge factory that makes rich, smooth, and creamy fudge in a variety of delicious flavors available year-round.  Serving a rotating selection of 12 ice cream flavors.


Eugene Emerald Baseball Games

P.K. Park (During the Ems Season)

Located next to Autzen Stadium, home of the Ducks

During the games enjoy Prince Puckler's Ice Cream in a Souvenir Baseball Cap. Kid's can participate in the Puckler Throw between innings and win a free ice cream treat. 
Look for our Em and Em ice cream made just for Sluggo fans.
Baseball, fun, and ice cream...a winning combination.

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Izakaya Meiji

345 Van Buren Street, Eugene

Banana Split: Bourbon flambéed banana, vanilla ice cream, house-made bourbon cherries, walnuts, whipped cream, caramel & chocolate sauce 

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 2.18.15 PM.png

Whirled Pies

199 W 8th Avenue, Eugene

Enjoy a root beer float or a classic dish of ice cream.

Always stocked with Vanilla and a rotating flavor.


541 W Centennial Blvd, Springfield

Scooping 8 flavors at a time, this delicious Mexican bakery is sure to fill your ice cream desires.  And don't forget to try the tres leches cake, you won't regret it!


741 Lincoln St, Eugene

Adventure into this delicious cart, as inviting as the Shire.  Add a scoop to make your pie a la mode or go wild and make it a pie shake!

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518 E Main St, Cottage Grove

Designated the third place of Cottage Grove, head on in to enjoy a coffee and a choice of 4 rotating ice cream flavors.


We Belong to Unique Eugene!

Unique Eugene is a non-profit, Independent Business Alliance, working to ensure local businesses prosper in our community. Started as grassroots cooperative in 1999, Unique Eugene is now a broad alliance of independent businesses.  We believe we will have a stronger, more durable economy and preserve the unique character of Eugene when we have many thriving local small businesses.

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