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How We Started Out

Our Roots

   Prince Puckler's Ice Cream is a locally and family owned business that has been in Eugene, Oregon since 1975. When Jim and Lolly Robertson opened their first store in downtown Eugene it was a time when many young entrepreneurs were coming onto the scene.  Many of these stores began a change in the foods available in Eugene.  This included Euphoria Chocolate, Humble Bagel, Metropol Bakery, and various espresso shops.  Prince Puckler's was open late - another new experience as most places closed early.  Young and old stood in line for the special sundaes just as they do today.

   Through the years the Robertson's moved the store and added others.  Many remember the large store at 13th and Hilyard, and others the cozy store in the old building near Broadway and Willamette St.  They may remember eating ice cream on the grass in front of the Willamette St. store as the street was closed to traffic.

   When the ice cream store which had been Del Hoffs, than Gantsy's on the corner of 19th and Agate became available in 1995 they moved to that location which now remains their only location although they do sell to a few stores around Oregon (see Scoop Scene). 

   The managers at the 19th St. store have been with the company for over 20 years.  They will often know your order before you ask and welcome you with a cheerful hello.  The ice cream is still made at a small warehouse in the Whiteaker Area mostly by Jim & Lolly's daughter, Laura. 

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